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инвестиране в имоти
Why Invest in Property Abroad?
Buying property abroad is more popular than ever, with increasing numbers of people following their dream in purchasing a holiday home, buy-to-let, permanent residence or purely an investment opportunity.
Things to consider before buying abroad.
Before buying you must think about your goal. Why are you buying?
•    As a holiday home
•    For income yield and capital growth, through buy-to-rent
•    To make a money
•    As a retirement home
•    To make a permanent move
•    Holiday Homes
Firstly, as a holiday home, key points need to be taken into account, such as
1.    location (town, countryside, resort, hotspot, or off the beaten-track)
2.    location (away-from-it-all, in the  thick of things, in among the locals, or in an ex-pat community)
3.    location (near the coast, near to airports, close to amenities/ sports facilities, with a private swimming pool, or with communal facilities)

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